The American Gillian Omalyev and the Brazilian Vinicius Jacomin met and formed their Americas Guitar Duo in Fall 2012 at the Music Conservatory in Detmold Germany. Since then they have been prize winners at various Competitions through out northern Europe. During their time together they’ve been productive playing at various festivals and concert series such as the International Guitar Symposium, Guitarenmusik at Torhaus, Landes Theater Detmold and other international and domestic venues.

“Bewitching and virtuosic”(Soester Anzeiger)
“A high level of perfection” (Neue Westfaelische)
“The Americas Guitar Duo plays with confidence and sensitivity” (Iserlohner Zeitung)

Vinícius Jacomin recently graduated with a Masters in Solo Guitar performance from the Musikhoschschule Detmold. Since his arrival in Germany has had a multi-faceted career under the mentorship of Thomas Kirchhoff. In all of his performances, from the Landestheater Detmold to the International Guitar Symposium Iserlohn, his interpretations have been described as 'even and with a focus to detail.'